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Streamlining Consignment Processes: A SAP MM Case Study


In today’s competitive environment, effective consignment inventory management is crucial for optimizing resources and improving operational efficiency. This case study looks at how a manufacturing company effectively optimized its consignment operations with SAP Materials Management (MM).

UVW Manufacturing, a renowned automotive company, encountered issues handling consignment inventory across numerous locations. With multiple product lines and a global supply chain, they wanted a solution to improve visibility and control over consignment goods. 

Challenges Faced:

Limited Visibility: The lack of real-time visibility on consignment stock levels and movements limited efficient inventory management.

Manual Processes: Manually tracking consignment transactions resulted in errors, delays, and inefficiencies during inventory reconciliation.

Compliance Issues: Ensuring compliance with consignment agreements and monitoring vendor performance was time-consuming and error-prone.

Solution Implemented:

UVW Manufacturing implemented SAP MM to automate and optimize their consignment processes:

Configuration: SAP MM was configured to support consignment stock capabilities, which allows for accurate tracking of stock ownership and consumption.

Purchase Orders: Created consignment purchase orders in SAP MM, including consignment terms, pricing, and delivery schedules.

Inventory Management: Used SAP MM for real-time monitoring of consignment inventory levels, allowing for proactive replenishment and stock optimization.

Settlement: SAP MM’s automated consignment settlement processes provide accurate invoicing, reconciliation, and payment to consignment vendors.

Reporting: Used SAP MM reporting capabilities to analyze consignment stock data, monitor usage patterns, and evaluate vendor performance.

Results Accomplished:

Improved Visibility: Having real-time information of consignment inventory levels and movements allowed for more proactive inventory management and reduced stockouts.

Enhanced Efficiency:  Consignment process automation improved efficiency by streamlining operations, reducing manual work, and minimizing errors.

Cost savings: Optimized consignment stock levels and increased inventory accuracy resulted in lower carrying costs and operational expenses.

Compliance Assurance: Automated monitoring of consignment agreements ensured compliance with vendor obligations and reduced compliance risks.

Strategic Insights: Data-driven analytics revealed actionable insights for optimizing consignment operations, negotiating favorable terms, and enhancing vendor relationships. 


By using SAP MM to optimize its consignment operations, UVW Manufacturing improved inventory management, operational efficiency, and cost savings. The implementation of automated consignment processes allowed the organization to optimize inventory levels, increase visibility, and ensure vendor compliance. This case study highlights the importance of using SAP MM for efficient consignment management and exhibits the value of automation and analytics in driving operational excellence.

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