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SAP MM Training In Bangalore

Quality Training

SAP Masters offers top-tier training programs meticulously designed to deliver exceptional quality, ensuring participants gain comprehensive knowledge and skills in SAP systems.

Expert Trainers

SAP Masters offers expert trainers, ensuring effective and personalized learning experiences for all participants in their programs.

Network with Alumni

SAP Masters offers the opportunity to network with alumni, facilitating connections that can enrich learning and career growth.

Placement Support Team

SAP Masters offers a dedicated placement support team to assist participants in securing rewarding career opportunities after completing their training.

About  SAP MM Training in Bangalore

Join us and accelerate your career in SAP MM Course

Since the turn of the 21st century, the software industry has witnessed remarkable growth, particularly within the highly competitive IT sector. Services and Application Programming stand as pillars of the IT industry, underpinning the strength of businesses across various domains. Programmers leverage a multitude of components such as ABAP, FICO, HRHCM, MM, SD, HANA, among others, to craft tailored solutions, thereby enhancing uniqueness and excellence in business operations.

What is MM?

SAP MM short for Materials Management, is a key module within SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) that is used to manage the procurement and inventory functions of a business. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficient handling of materials, inventory, and supply chain operations. Here are some key aspects of SAP MM:

Procurement Process: SAP MM helps manage the entire procurement process, from creating purchase requisitions and purchase orders to goods receipt and invoice verification. It supports various types of procurement, including external procurement from vendors and internal procurement within the company.
Inventory Management: The module provides tools to manage inventory levels, track stock movements, and conduct physical inventory counts. It also helps in managing different types of stock such as unrestricted use stock, quality inspection stock, and blocked stock.
Master Data Management: SAP MM includes master data such as material master data, vendor master data, and purchasing info records. This data forms the foundation for various processes within the module.
Invoice Verification: SAP MM streamlines the invoice verification process, allowing companies to match invoices with purchase orders and goods receipts, ensuring accurate payments and reducing discrepancies.
Material Requirements Planning (MRP): The module supports MRP, which helps businesses plan and control the purchase and production of materials to meet customer demand efficiently.
Reporting and Analysis: SAP MM provides various reporting and analysis tools to help businesses monitor their procurement and inventory performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

SAP Masters is the leading provider of high-quality online training for SAP MM Training in Bangalore. SAP MM (Materials Management) is a critical module within SAP ERP that manages procurement and inventory functions. It includes processes such as purchasing, inventory management, and material valuation, offering an integrated approach to supply chain management. As the top SAP MM training institute in Bangalore, SAP Masters is dedicated to providing exceptional online training experiences. Our seasoned instructors from our development center ensure participants receive the finest SAP MM training available.


SAP MM Training Institute in Bangalore

SAP Masters provides real-time and placement focused on future of MM. Our MM course covers fundamentals to advanced topics, strategically geared towards securing placements in Bangalore’s top MNCs upon completion. Our MM course content and syllabus are meticulously crafted to meet students’ individual career goals. We provide soft copies of materials, classroom resources, and real-time specifications to facilitate optimal learning experiences.

How is SAP Masters helpful to you for the SAP MM course?

SAP Masters is one of the best SAP MM Training, At SAP Masters, we provide high-quality teaching sessions aimed at maximizing student benefits. Our skilled and experienced faculty employ effective techniques, having helped numerous programming enthusiasts realize their career aspirations. For advanced courses requiring practical knowledge, we offer hands-on learning sessions to foster skill development.

There are many MM training institutes in Bangalore. But all that could make difference is the quality. We believe in providing real-time and placement focused training to our students. We are in fact associated with a handful of international MNC companies like Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, Genpact, TCS, Tech Mahindra to name a few. Who knows, you might end-up being a part of these world-class companies. We aim to develop into the top most MM training institute in Bangalore and would love to become the best training institution of India. 

SAP MM Training in Bangalore Curriculum

  • Overview of SAP MM
  • Importance of MM in SAP ERP
  • Material Master
  • Vendor Master
  • Purchasing Info Records
  • Source List
  • Procurement process overview
  • Purchase requisitions and orders
  • Request for quotations (RFQ)
  • Quotation comparison and vendor selection
  • Outline agreements (contracts and scheduling agreements)
  • Goods receipts and goods issues
  • Stock transfers and transfer postings
  • Reservations and scrap management
  • Physical inventory management
  • Invoice processing
  • Credit and debit memos
  • Invoice reduction
  • Material valuation
  • Valuation methods and procedures
  • Account determination
  • Understanding different purchasing document types (e.g., standard orders, contracts, scheduling agreements)
  • MRP and reorder point planning
  • Forecast-based planning
  • Service requisitions and service entry sheets
  • Standard reports in SAP MM
  • Creating custom reports using SAP MM
  • Integration with SAP SD, PP, FI, and CO
  • Practical exercises on SAP MM scenarios
  • Case studies to apply theoretical knowledge
  • Understanding project implementation processes
  • MM module configuration
  • Best practices in SAP MM
  • Tips for efficient materials management

Some of the topics that are covered in the SAP MM Training in Bangalore are :

Modes of SAP MM Training available

In-Person Classroom Training

Training will be provided in the traditional setting of Classroom in-person sessions. Learners can have face-to-face interaction with the instructors and fellow learners.

Live Virtual Training

Virtual training sessions can be attended anywhere worldwide. Attend lectures, participate in discussions, and collaborate with peers in real-time through online platforms. This mode of Training is the most convenient and flexible for the learners.

On-Demand Self-Paced Learning

The self-paced learning option provides access to the course materials, lectures, and resources online at any time that suits your schedule. It helps control your overall learning journey and progress, wherein you can learn whenever you like and spend time based on your availability.

Hybrid Training

We provide both in-person and virtual learning together to maximize learners' convenience. You can opt for this if you want to occasionally attend the in-person classroom training while continuing the virtual classes.

Project Training

This training mode is designed for seasoned professionals who can do the live project with our expert guidance and get hands-on experience.

Weekend workshops

Maximize learning with weekend workshops as they are designed for professionals who don't have much time to spend. Our customized weekend sessions help them accelerate their career growth.

Corporate Training

This learning mode is generally offered to corporate companies, where our trainers will provide a customized training curriculum for corporate employees.

Why choose SAP Masters for the SAP MM Training in Bangalore?

SAP Masters is a reputable training institute that offers SAP MM training in Bangalore. Here are some reasons why you might choose SAP Masters for SAP MM training:

  1. Expert Trainers: SAP Masters employs experienced trainers who have deep knowledge of SAP MM and industry experience. They provide practical insights and guidance to help you understand the concepts thoroughly.

  2. Comprehensive Course Content: The SAP MM course offered by SAP Masters covers all essential topics, including procurement processes, inventory management, master data management, and invoice verification. This comprehensive curriculum ensures you gain a strong foundation in SAP MM.

  3. Hands-On Practice: SAP Masters emphasizes hands-on learning with real-time projects and exercises. This approach allows you to apply what you learn in practical scenarios and gain confidence in using the SAP MM module.

  4. Flexible Learning Options: The institute offers flexible learning options such as in-person classes, online courses, and weekend batches, allowing you to choose a schedule that works best for you.

  5. Placement Assistance: SAP Masters provides placement assistance to help you transition into an SAP MM role after completing the course. This can include resume building, interview preparation, and connections with potential employers.

  6. Industry-Recognized Certification: Upon successful completion of the SAP MM course, you may receive an industry-recognized certification from SAP Masters. This certification can enhance your resume and career prospects.

  7. Networking Opportunities: By training at SAP Masters, you can connect with other students, instructors, and industry professionals. This networking can lead to valuable opportunities and collaborations in your career.

  8. Positive Reviews and Reputation: SAP Masters has a strong reputation in the training industry and may have positive reviews from past students. This can give you confidence in the quality of their training programs.

When choosing a training institute, it’s important to consider your specific needs, such as learning style, schedule, and career goals. Researching SAP Masters further and comparing it with other options can help you make an informed decision about your SAP MM training in Bangalore.

SAP Masters | SAP MM Course Testimonials

"SAP Masters provided a comprehensive SAP MM course that exceeded my expectations. The trainers were knowledgeable and supportive, and the course content was up-to-date and relevant. The hands-on exercises helped me gain practical experience. Highly recommended!"
John K
"I chose SAP Masters for my SAP MM training, and it was one of the best decisions I made. The training was well-structured, and the instructors were excellent at explaining complex concepts. The placement support after the course was invaluable. I secured a job within a month of completing the training!"
Meena S
SAP Masters offered an interactive and engaging SAP MM course. The real-life scenarios and case studies helped me understand how to apply SAP MM in the industry. The staff was always helpful, and the training was worth every penny.
Ravi P
The SAP MM course at SAP Masters was well-designed and taught by industry experts. The training materials were clear and concise, and the practical sessions enhanced my understanding. I feel confident in my SAP MM skills thanks to SAP Masters.
Nisha M
SAP Masters provided an excellent SAP MM training experience. The course content was thorough, and the trainers were patient and approachable. The institute also offered job placement assistance, which was a great bonus!
Amit R
I appreciate the personalized attention I received during the SAP MM course at SAP Masters. The instructors took the time to answer all my questions, and the course materials were well-prepared. I feel ready to apply what I've learned in my job.
Vikram S
The SAP MM training at SAP Masters was very effective in building my expertise in materials management. The course was practical and thorough, and the trainers made sure we understood the concepts well. I would definitely recommend SAP Masters to anyone looking to upskill.
Priya K
SAP Masters' SAP MM course was a game-changer for my career. The course was well-paced, and the trainers were always available to provide support. Thanks to the course, I now have a deeper understanding of SAP MM and its applications.
Gaurav L
The training at SAP Masters was exceptional. The instructors were experienced and patient, and the course structure was perfect for someone like me who was new to SAP MM. The placement assistance provided after the course was extremely helpful in securing a job."
Sneha R


SAP MM certifications are highly regarded as premier SAP certifications, significantly boosting one’s career prospects. SAP MM (Materials Management) is a key module in SAP’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, enabling professionals to manage procurement, inventory, and other materials-related processes efficiently.

Administered by SAP, the global leader in ERP solutions, SAP MM certification exams rigorously assess candidates’ mastery of materials management processes within the SAP system and their ability to apply these concepts to various real-world scenarios. Earning this certification demonstrates a high level of expertise and proficiency in SAP MM, enhancing both professional credibility and career opportunities.

Benefits of SAP MM Training in Bangalore

Skills Developed Post SAP MM Training in Bangalore

Career Opportunities in SAP MM Course in Bangalore

SAP MM (Materials Management) training in Bangalore can open up a variety of career opportunities for individuals looking to advance their careers in the field of supply chain, procurement, and materials management. Bangalore is a major IT hub with numerous SAP partners, consulting firms, and companies across industries that use SAP ERP solutions, creating ample opportunities for SAP MM professionals. Here are some of the career opportunities you can explore after completing an SAP MM course in Bangalore:

Pre Requisites of SAP MM Training in Bangalore

SAP MM (Materials Management) training in Bangalore can be pursued by individuals from various backgrounds, including those in supply chain management, procurement, inventory management, and related fields. While the training programs may accept individuals with different levels of experience, having certain prerequisites can enhance your understanding and make the training more effective. Here are some prerequisites that may be beneficial for SAP MM training in Bangalore:

Market Trend in SAP MM Training

The market trend in SAP MM (Materials Management) training is influenced by various factors, including technological advancements, changes in business processes, and industry demands. As businesses continue to adopt SAP S/4HANA and other advanced SAP solutions, the need for skilled professionals in SAP MM remains high. Here are some key market trends in SAP MM training that you may find in Bangalore:

SAP MM Salaries in India

SAP MM (Materials Management) professionals are in high demand in India due to the widespread use of SAP ERP solutions across various industries such as manufacturing, retail, logistics, and more. Salaries for SAP MM professionals can vary based on several factors, including experience, job role, location, company size, and certifications. Here is an overview of SAP MM salaries in India:


Why are we the best SAP MM training institute in Bangalore?

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FAQs on Best SAP MM Training in Bangalore

SAP MM is the Materials Management module in SAP ERP, which manages procurement, inventory, and other supply chain operations.

SAP MM training helps you understand the principles and functionalities of materials management, procurement, and inventory in an organization. It improves your employability in related fields and enhances your skill set.

The duration can vary depending on the institute and the depth of the course, but most training programs typically last between 4 to 8 weeks.

Basic knowledge of business processes and supply chain management is helpful. Familiarity with other SAP modules may also be beneficial.

Topics usually include procurement process, purchase requisitions, purchase orders, inventory management, valuation, invoice verification, and more.

By the end of the training, you will understand key SAP MM functions, including procurement, inventory management, and invoice verification. You’ll also learn how to navigate the SAP MM interface and configure various settings.

Yes, most training institutes offer certification upon completion of the course. Additionally, SAP offers its own certification exams for SAP MM.

The training is suitable for professionals in supply chain management, procurement, inventory management, and those looking to specialize in SAP MM.

The cost can vary depending on the institute and course structure, but typically ranges from INR 15,000 to INR 30,000.

Look for institutes with experienced trainers, a good track record, positive reviews from former students, and recognized certification.

Yes, SAP MM training opens up opportunities in various industries, including manufacturing, retail, and logistics, where SAP is used for supply chain and inventory management.

Yes, many institutes offer both classroom and online SAP MM training to cater to different learning preferences.

Look for institutes that provide ongoing support such as access to course materials, job placement assistance, and mentoring after training.

Most reputable institutes offer practical, hands-on experience with SAP MM, including real-world scenarios and case studies.

Research reputable training institutes, compare course offerings, read reviews, and contact the institutes to inquire about course schedules and availability.

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